Frequently Asked Questions

What is Najam Institute?

“Najam” in Arabic means “star.”

In several ahadith, the Prophet ﷺ  likened the Sahabah (Companions) to stars:
On the authority of Ibn Abbas, the Prophet ﷺ said:
“My companions are like the stars; whomever among them you follow, you will be guided.”

On the authority of Ibn Abbas, the Prophet ﷺ said:
“The stars are a source of security for the sky, and my Companions are a source of security for my nation.”

The Prophet ﷺ also referred to the scholars of his community as stars:

On the authority of Anas bin Malik, the Prophet ﷺ said:
“The scholars in the Earth are like the stars that guide in the midst of darkness for the land and sea. If the stars disappear, then I fear the guides will go astray.”

Why should I study with Najam?

Najam Institute follows the rich tradition of the Sahabah (Companions) and focus on traditional scholarship. We strive to be seekers of knowledge and guides to students so that in the future they can be guided and allow the guidance of others In-Sha- Allah.

Alhamdulillah, Najam Institute already has a growing numbers of programs and classes available which students can study various Islamic Sciences. Each program has its own benefits, advantages and is designed for a specific level. These programs range from youth to professionals and continuing education.

One of the most salient features of Najam Institute is that the classes are taught live. Our instructors recognize that ilm (knowledge) is something that is passed from heart to heart. Instead of information that is accumulated from books and other resources. The advantage of live instructions in our classes gives students the chance to connect with the instructors and each other.

Najam Institute’s programs focuses on traditional teaching methodology, establishing a firm foundation in core Islamic Sciences and access to female scholars.

What activities does Najam Institute offer?

Najam Institute organizes activities that cover a broad spectrum of goals, including education (ta’lim), spiritual purification (tazkiyah), and propagation (da’wah). Specifically, Najam Institute offers online classes and live weekend seminars which are primarily focused on the basic fundamental knowledge. The goal of these classes are so that every Muslim can have enough knowledge to live their life in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

Najam Institute also organizes an annual spiritual retreat based on specific interest groups such as women, teens and professionals. One of Najam Institute’s goals is to offer Islamic knowledge to Muslims from all walks of life and continues to strive to improve classes and programs to achieve these goals.

Who is eligible to take classes with Najam Institute?

Anyone is welcome to attend classes at Najam Institute. While the majority of our classes are open to everyone some specific classes may have minimum age requirements. This is to ensure that all students are getting a comprehensive experience when they are attending an event, program or class.

How much do Najam Institute classes cost?

Najam Institute aims to make classes as affordable as possible. No student will be turned away for lack of funds and financial aid is available upon request.

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