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Najam Institute:

Muslim Youth Retreat

Labor Day Weekend August 30, 2019 – September 1st, 2019

Najam Institute’s First Annual Camp Musab Bin Umair Retreat!

Whose Musab Bin Umair (Allah be pleased with him)? One of the youngest companion of the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace)! He was one of the companions who went to Madinah (known as Yathrib at the time) and converted the leaders of Madinah to Islam.

The purpose of this camp is for the youth to bond and be in good company.At times all it takes to make a person a better Muslim, is being in good company.

We will have over 10 young scholars present, along with young professions, emergency doctors, and IT developers!


Join us this Labor Day weekend for two nights at

Camp Swamp | 1400 Maxeys Rd, Union Point, GA 30669 |

We will have beds in cabin for everyone!


Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Outdoor sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball), Campfire Talks, Water slides, Archery and much more!


All meals, snacks and drinks for throughout the weekend will be provided in registration costs.


Each masjid and organization is encouraged to provide transportation for the youth of their community, we will post locations on social media.


Only a bed will be provided. You are responsible for bringing clothes, pillows, blankets, and anything else needed for two overnight stays.

Please note an e-mail will be sent out with all supplies needed.

As a special gift of those who have memorized in the entire Quran and who are enrolled in a

Full-Time Hifz Seminary, we will give 20% off. To receive this gift, please e-mail us at:

Two Age Groups:

Group 1: 10 – 14 | Group 2: 15 + (All ages are welcome)