Understanding Existence

Saturday, Mar 30, 2019
– Sunday, Mar 31, 2019

10:00am – 4:00pm


Najam Institute invites you to join us at Hamzah Islamic Center on Sat, March 2nd and Sun, March 3rd from 10am to 4pm to welcome and learn from our guest Dr. Mateen Khan from Trenton, NY. Dr. Khan is as Emergency Physician and ‘Alimiyyah graduate. He has prepared a course which will engage in discussions in contemporary articles of faith.

Our event, Understanding Existence, will be a 2 day course that includes 3 sessions which are, (1) Epistemology: Thinking like a Muslim, (2) Theism: Everything Starts with Allah, and (3) Bad Al-Amali: A Reading of a Classical Poem. See below for a detailed description of the topics being discussed.

Understanding Existence is 2 day workshop provides a foundation in Islamic beliefs for those participants who are are curious, enjoy discussions and analysing classical literature. This course is open to Muslims and non-Muslims of all ages who are interested in understanding existence and beliefs of 1.8+ billion people worldwide.

Additionally, this event costs $50 per person, free babysitting for children is available, and is open to youth and professionals of all walks of life. The fee includes a breakfast and lunch for both days and is an excellent opportunity for attendees to solidify their Islamic beliefs and fully understand why faith is important. Additionally, upon successful completion of the course students will receive a certificate acknowledging their achievements!!!

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Session 1 – Epistemology: Thinking Like a Muslim

This session includes a discussion on the three sources of knowledge and an analysis of how we know what we know. Students will go through a contemporary explanation of a portion of al-`Aqīdah al-Nasafiyyah. Gaining an understanding of Islamic epistemology allows a Muslim to harmonize the knowledge of the ghayb with other knowledges such as Science. Also includes a discussion on evolution.

Session 2 – Theism: Everything Starts with Allah

This session is a discussion on the Qur’anic proofs for the existence of Allah. Students will be introduced to the idea that all of creation revolves around the central tenet of the universe, tawḥīd. It is hoped that a better understanding will lead to strengthening of one’s imān.

Session 3 – Bad al-Amālī: A Reading of a Classical Poem

This session is a group reading and discussion of Allāmah `Awshī’s classical, 68-line poem on faith. Short discussions will be had wherever beneficial for the modern context.

Event Location

Hamzah Islamic Center, 665 Tidwell Rd
Alpharetta, GA, 30004

Event Fees

General Admission
$ 50.00