Introducing Najam Courses!


An entire WORLD at your finger tips!

  • Najam Courses is a online forum for Islamic Education!
  • Learn from scholars around the world in their fields of expertise as they cover a wide range of topics from Finances, Marriage, Islamic Law and much more!
  • More courses will be added regularly so stay tuned and on the lookout!
  • Courses range from beginner to advanced topics so that anyone can join in and start learning more about Islam!

We strongly believe that Islamic education is something that should be easily accessible to everyone.

  • To that end we want our classes to be affordable for the masses. Any associated fee goes towards any potential overhead and helping out other Islamic Institutions located in America like IIA.
  • Courses will range from $20.00-$100.00 and special promotions will be offered from time to time when more content is available to make courses across the board.


Take classes on the translation of the Quran and explore its many wonders!

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    Gain understanding of the fundamental concepts of the Qur’an

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    Develop an enhanced and enriched relationship with the Qur’an

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    Learn how to apply what you learned and let the Qur’an be your guide!


Learn the rulings and guidelines that have been mandated by God!

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    Learn which actions are permissible and impermissible in islam.

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    Discover how Islamic rulings are developed and made.


Explore the rich history about Islam. Learn from examples from the Prophets!

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    Go through in depth life biographies of different prophets.

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    Learn about the economics, sociopolitical atmosphere, and culture of those that received the words of Allah.


Learn what characteristics and manners muslims should adopt in their daily life!

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    Listen and read about the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) to learn examples.

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    Change your outlook on how to deal with conflicts.

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    Learn practical tips on how to better your character.