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One of the critical aspects of faith is developing firmness in it, such that we are able to traverse various storms we may face in our life. This 2-day intensive course will cover the fundamentals of faith ranging from epistemology to theism. Join us as Dr. Mateen Khan empowers us with a range of concepts, ideas based on Islamic sources and helps us become steadfast in our beliefs. The course will consist of three main sessions and interactive discussions as outlined below:

Session 1 – Epistemology: Thinking Like a Muslim

This session includes a discussion on the three sources of knowledge and an analysis of how we know what we know. Students will go through a contemporary explanation of a portion of al-`Aqīdah al-Nasafiyyah, a key text on the Islamic creed. Gaining an understanding of Islamic epistemology allows a Muslim to harmonize the knowledge of the unseen with other knowledge. This session will also include a discussion on evolution.

Session 2 – Theism: Everything Starts with Allah

This session is a discussion on the Qur’anic proofs for the existence of Allah. Students will be introduced to the idea that all of the creation revolves around the central tenet of the universe, tawḥīd, oneness of Allah. It is hoped that a better understanding of the attributes of Allah, and answering questions like ‘where is Allah’, will lead to the strengthening of one’s faith.

Session 3 – Bad al-Amālī: A Reading of a Classical Poem

This session is a group reading and discussion of Allāmah `Awshī’s classical, 68-line poem on faith. Short discussions will be had wherever beneficial for the modern context.

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